Pilates is the first fitness method I have ever enjoyed. I feel energized after each workout, and I can't believe how these precision movements are reshaping my stomach and back. Pilates Place will tone every inch of you!

~Aimiee Gauvreau, High School English Teacher

I have been with Pilates Place for a number of years now, under the guidance and astute attention from Laurie Baker and other instructors. The studio is very clean with modern equipment and props, adaptable to any level of difficulty. The staff is very personable. I highly recommend Pilates Place with no hesitation.

~Angie Malicdem, MD

Katelyn’s knowledge of classical Pilates is phenomenal, and her coaching style is very motivating. I always leave feeling happy and rejuvenated, and I’m thrilled with the changes in my body. After having a baby, Pilates with Katelyn was the perfect exercise because it helped me regain my muscle strength and center. Pilates Place is beautiful, clean, bright, and airy.

~Victoria Pound, Neuroscience Lecturer and College Counselor

Pilates helps me maintain my flexibility, which is an important component of my overall fitness plan. I feel taller and have better posture, which can become a challenge as people age and core strength weakens. It was particularly helpful as a precursor to pregnancy, because my increased core strength shortened the recovery time and helped get my mid section back into shape.

~Carolyn Petty, Mayor of Hermosa Beach

I am 82 years young and I have been working with Aimee for 2 years now. Pilates has helped my osteo-arthirits. There is top equipment plus my certified instructor, Aimee Grover, provides me with an ideal studio to achieve my personal goals.

~George Pierson