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Katelyn Ctvrtlik 

Owner / Certified Pilates Instructor/
Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor

Katelyn exudes a passion for Pilates, GYROTONIC® and loves helping others in their pursuit of wellness.  At the age of 16, after numerous injuries as a dancer, Katelyn found the Pilates Method and GYROTONIC® and has managed to turn her love for movement into a full time career and business.  While studying Dance, Psychology and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado at Boulder she completed her Advanced Certification from the Pilates Center at Boulder in 2014 and her GYROTONIC® Certification in 2011. Katelyn has built an impressive roster of clients ranging from NBA, NHL and NFL players all the way to client’s with chronic pain and spinal fusions. As the owner of Pilates Place Hermosa Beach, her goal is to create a space for everyone to benefit from movement at any age or level.

Krystal Haifley

Certified Pilates Instructor 

Krystal lives in the South Bay with her husband and 2 children. She graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and spent several years working in the television production industry. During this time she found Pilates and it proved to be a perfect break from her high stress work environment. Even more importantly, it brought her a new body awareness, core strength, flexibility and energy with each lesson, as well as rehabilitation to a shoulder injury.  In 2010 she completed a rigorous 1000+ hour classical Pilates certification program and received a diploma from The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program in Boulder, Colorado. Krystal continues to educate herself in the Pilates method, functional nutrition and wellness in general. She is passionate about helping people live their best lives through focused exercise in addition to education around lifestyle improvements with an emphasis on removing toxicity from all aspects of life.  

Nicole Marcione

Certified Pilates Instructor 

Nicole Marcione, PhD is a Movement Scientist, Longevity Advisor and has been teaching Pilates since 2005. Her doctorate is from USC’s Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy in the Jacqueline Perry Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Lab. Her research focused on mind-body exercise effects on cognition and gait in older adults. She has taught 100s of DPT students Musculoskeletal and Analytical Anatomy on cadavers, Neuroscience and Therapeutic Exercise. Nicole has her B.S. in Lifespan Health and M.S. in Gerontology from USC.

While living in Italy in 2003, Nicole discovered Pilates and instantly fell in love with this incredible method of movement. Nicole trained at The Pilates Center (TPC) at Boulder, completing the Advanced Teaching Program and Master’s Program. She has been an advisor to many of TPC’s trainees. Nicole is one of only 18 people worldwide who has also studied extensively with Jay Grimes and completed both of his programs “The Work” and “Teaching The Work”. Her

hope is to inspire others to be enthusiastic about bringing health and well-being into their own lives.

Cara Hansvick

Certified Pilates Instructor 

Cara Hansvick is from Chicago IL where she grew up dancing and initially fell in love with movement. She attended Indiana University where she majored in Ballet and got a full time job with the Charlotte Ballet in NC right out of school. In Charlotte she was offered a partnership with a classical Pilates center which immediately sparked a passion for Pilates. She trained there multiple times a week and immediately saw the benefits in her body and her dancing. She then moved to Los Angeles to dance with the American Contemporary Ballet. Eager to continue her Pilates training, she met Katelyn, the owner of Pilates Place and was encouraged to start a teacher training program with the Pilates Institute of Southern California. Ever since then she’s been falling more and more in love with Pilates! She had a unique perspective being a professional dancer a ballet teacher for many years. 

Mehgee Santos

Certified Pilates Instructor 

Mehgee grew up in the South Bay and was never really an athletic child. She found her passion for Pilates in her late 20's after dabbling in many different industries. She started off in retail, became a Licensed Vocational Nurse, then restaurant manager. After a few years in the restaurant industry, she decided to make another major career change. She took her first Pilates session at Equinox and was immediately hooked. Mehgee then took a leap of faith and joined the Equinox Pilates Training Institute Comprehensive Program. After 450+ hours of training, her passion for the trade blossomed. She loves how Pilates improved not only her body, but her mind/body connection as well. Her goal is to share the benefits of Pilates with her family, friends, and everyone else willing to open their minds to this life changing form of exercise.


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Laurie Baker

Certified Pilates Instructor 

Laurie was born in the Pacific Northwest and grew up running, hiking and skiing. She found that Pilates brought her to a deeper awareness of her mind body connection, allowing her to transform her movement patterns and became more uniformly developed. The Method created such huge changes in her physique, as well as enhancing her performance in physical activities and daily life that she wanted to share it with others. She received her Pilates Teacher Certification from Pilates Method Alliance and The Pilates Institute of Southern California a program of 800+ hours. Her motto is "you can do Pilates or you can REALLY do Pilates.” Laurie stays current and active in the Classical Method by attending classes, private instruction, workshops and as a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.

Aimee Grover


Certified Pilates Instructor

Aimee grew up in Washington State, graduated from the University of Hawaii at Monoa, and then moved to Hermosa Beach. She loves outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, running, stand up paddling, being at the beach, and traveling. She loves learning about the body and movement, which led her to pursue a career in the physical fitness industry. After college, she worked as a personal trainer for over 5 years and was first introduced to Pilates after a car accident in 2006. She was fascinated with Pilates and experienced healing, rehabilitation, and strengthening as well as balance in mind, body and spirit. Aimee was certified by The Pilates Center at Vital Balance 1000+ hours in 2010. Aimee’s favorite things about being a Pilates instructor are how much fun she has with her clients while helping them to increase their physical fitness, and helping them overcome injuries. She hopes to inspire others to be healthy and transform their body, mind and spirit through the incredible method of Pilates.

Maria Emmetti

Certified Pilates Instructor 

Maria grew up on the east coast, where she began her love of movement with dance. Once in LA she pursued an acting and dance career before creating her family. Having 3 children back to back put some strain on her spine, and daily visits to the chiropractic care failed, Desperate she tried Pilates    Being a movement enthusiast, it was an immediate fit. After 8 years of being a devotee to her practice she enrolled in the Teacher Training Program withThe Pilates Institute of Southern California (PISC), where she graduated in 2005. Her second certification from The Pilates Center, Boulder followed in 2010.   Maria continues her Pilates education by attending seminars, workshops and classes regularly.


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