The Session

Your health history and goals are listened to carefully and depending on your individual needs, a combination of bodywork techniques (including Cranio-Sacral, Myo-fascial release, gentle articulation, massage & more...) can be utilized to support your body to release tension, encourage circulation, flexibility & relaxation.

The Method

Throughout life we accumulate stress, tension & postural patterns to cope & adapt to both our internal and external environments. Lack of quality rest, long working hours, injuries, difficult childbirth, stress…can all lead to a build-up of tension & strain. The body generally does a great job at overcoming these challenges however at times may need a helping hand.

Jessica Hartup

Body Worker

Jessica’s interest in the connection between nature and the human body propelled her to study Osteopathy – a wholistic hands-on approach to natural healthcare which recognizes the body-mind-spirit connection and the important link between the structure (posture/patterns) of your body & its ability to function effectively & efficiently.


Jessica graduated from RMIT University Melbourne, Australia in 2007 with a Master of Osteopathy and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Complementary Medicine and has undertaken further training in Cranial and Biodynamic Osteopathy in both America & overseas. Jessica worked in private Osteopathic practices across Australia & Ireland providing support to all ages, with an emphasis on stress release, encouraging circulation, flexibility and relaxation. Upon moving to the U.S.A Jessica obtained her California massage/bodywork license to allow her to continue her work in supporting people in their quest for mind-body health & wellbeing.

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