May 2020 - Pilates Place - Natalie Schut
May 2020 - Pilates Place - Natalie Schut


Private Wellness Lessons

May 2020 - Pilates Place - Natalie Schut
May 2020 - Pilates Place - Natalie Schut


About Us

Our mission is to teach healthy, full-bodied movement to restore vitality and empower our client’s mind, body and soul.  We are a wellness facility in the heart of Hermosa Beach, offering the highest-quality classical Pilates and GYROTONIC® instruction as well as Movement Therapy Rehab to the local community through private sessions.

Pilates Place has been a critically acclaimed business in South Bay for 12 years.  We are a fully equipped classical facility that has only top-of-the-line Gratz Pilates Equipment. All of our instructors are constantly looking for new ways to enhance their movement-based knowledge through continuing education courses. Members of our staff also love to work with the community as Health Coaches and Movement Therapists. We believe movement is medicine. 

Joseph Pilates

Joseph H. Pilates (1883-1967) was a natural born athlete in Germany where he began to study Eastern and Western forms of exercise. During WW1, Joe started using the springs from the mattresses as a resistance base to rehabilitate the war veterans; this was the beginning of The Pilates Method.  His mission was to show the world a way to physical health through better exercise, sleep and even hygiene practice.  In 1926, he moved to New York City to accomplish his dreams of opening his own studio. He worked with many highly acclaimed dancers including: Balanchine, Graham, Fletcher, etc. At the age of 84, Mr. Pilates passed away with his body still in fine condition. Unfortunately, the physical fitness pioneer never got to see the legacy that he left behind. At Pilates Place, we stick towards the classical method to honor the integrity of his method.​

Angie Malicdem,

M. D. 

I have been with Pilates Place for a number of years now, under the guidance and astute attention from Laurie Baker and other instructors. Pilates Place is very clean with modern equipment and props, adaptable to any level of difficulty. The staff is very personable. I highly recommend Pilates Place with no hesitation.

Jack Campbell,

L.A. Kings

This past summer I set out a goal to become more flexible so I could take my game on the ice to the next level. After working with Katelyn for only a week I could already see the difference on the ice with my core strength and flexibility! Thanks to Katelyn I am having the best season of my career! Anyone that’s looking for a great workout and someone to truly push them past their bodies limitations should go see Katelyn immediately!! 

Ali Vaughan

  StyleLab, Co Founder

I initially started classical pilates to get in shape for my wedding and completely fell in love with the practice and movement of pilates in general. Over the year, I took private sessions three times a week and worked closely with Katelyn, Krystal and Leila. They each gave me a different but personalized experience and I completely transformed my body. I feel like I finally found a work out I look forward to.